How to build a gas mask that can fit in a pocket

The world’s largest gas mask manufacturer has unveiled its latest offering, a sleek design that can be hidden in a handbag or pocket.

The new design uses a thin plastic sheet to cover the gas pipe and a flexible material that can fold down to fit the wearer.

“It’s a new idea in mask making and one that we wanted to bring to market as soon as possible,” said James Breen, head of global gas mask design and manufacturing at the company.

“This is the most innovative mask on the market at the moment.”

A large gas mask would have to be folded over a pocket or a small towel or jacket pocket.

“This is not a pocket mask but it will fit in your pocket,” Mr Breen said.

“With the new mask, it’s actually a lot more comfortable to wear than a traditional mask.”

The mask can be folded in half or in half again to fit a person, he said.

The mask is also made of a material that could be used to make a foam mask.

“The material is very strong and it doesn’t absorb any gases,” Mr Cernigli said.

The mask was produced in a partnership between the European Gas Mask Manufacturers Association and a company called, which makes masks for companies in Ireland and the UK.

“They have a range of gas masks, a range in different colours and a range for different body types,” Mr Eichler said.

“You can find a lot of masks that are very good for some people and they’re expensive, but this is something that can make a lot less of a difference.”

Mr Breen is not convinced that gas masks will be a big player in the gas mask market.

“You’re going to see it in a number of different categories,” he said, but gas masks are a relatively niche market.

Mr Brex said he was keen to see the gas masks sold in stores and on the internet.

“We’re trying to get people to buy the gas and gas mask,” he added.

“I’m not sure what the future holds for gas masks.

They’re not going to be a significant part of the consumer market for the foreseeable future.”