How to fix a Kroger gas pump leak

The Kroger pump in Los Angeles, California has had a lot of issues lately.

In early April, it caught fire after a man used it to power a small fridge.

This week, the same man also set off a fire in the same store, and that same week, another Kroger employee died in a similar fire.

But this time, the fire wasn’t the same.

A Kroger worker, identified only as Mr. F., was arrested on Thursday and charged with manslaughter.

The fire started after a gas tank exploded in the store, according to LA County Coroner’s spokesperson, Teresa Mancuso.

That’s not unusual.

There are usually several incidents where a gas leak occurs, Mancaso said.

The gas tank had a leak in the upper part of the tank, which is where the fuel goes when it’s ignited.

As the fuel is burning, it’s being ignited by the air, which causes it to ignite the surrounding gas.

Once the fuel burns, it ignites the gas inside the tank and causes the fire to begin.

The fuel inside the gas tank ignites a gas cylinder that starts the fire, which begins a chain reaction of events that begins the gas leak.

It’s the exact same mechanism that goes on when you put gasoline into a tank, Mincuso said, so this wasn’t just an isolated incident.

She told the LA Times that the cause of the fire was under investigation, and it’s not clear if it was the gas leaking from the gas can, or if the fuel tank itself was damaged.

The suspect in both incidents has been arrested.

The Krogers’ response to the fire and the suspect’s arrest has been swift, Mucuso told the Times.

The store posted on Facebook that “all of us are deeply saddened by the tragic events that occurred yesterday.

We are working diligently to restore as much as possible of the damaged merchandise, as quickly as possible.

We will continue to do all we can to provide the best customer experience and the best service to our customers.”

The store has been running a “We Care” program in which employees are trained to help customers affected by a gas pump incident, and to ensure that customers have the resources they need.

They are also offering free bottled water and other services, including a 24-hour phone line.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the Kroger has hired an outside consultant to help make the repairs, which include installing new piping and a new fuel tank.

The company says the damage was estimated to be $10,000.

It is still unclear if there are any other customers who have been impacted by the gas pump fire.