What the Eagles should be focusing on for their win over the Dolphins

There’s no question that the Eagles have the ability to win games this season, but the key to that success will be finding a way to get the most out of their passing game.

The team needs to improve their running game, as well as their passing attack, and those areas will likely be the most difficult to fix in 2017.

It’s not just about fixing their offensive line, but finding ways to get more consistent production from the players they have on the field.

In the last three games, the Eagles’ offensive line has allowed eight sacks, and while the team did a great job in the second half of the season, it’s clear that the unit is far from its best.

So, with the team’s top three offensive linemen out of action for the foreseeable future, it makes sense that the front office will need to take a look at the offensive line this offseason.

First, the team will need help on the defensive line.

As we mentioned earlier, the defense has allowed 6.5 sacks, the second-most in the NFL.

That’s not great, and it’s not necessarily a sign of bad players either.

There are some good players on the roster who have proven to be good players at the position, and the team is going to need to look for ways to bring some of those players back into the fold.

If the Eagles want to improve, they need to improve on their defensive line, and they need more of the same from their linebackers.

The Eagles will need more help on their linebacking corps, as their front four hasn’t been very effective this season.

The only two players who have actually had a positive sack total in the entire NFL are the Cowboys’ Corey White and the Patriots’ Malcolm Butler.

If those two players are healthy, the linebackers can help the team, but they’re not exactly the ones you’d expect to be able to stop a pass rush.

They’re mostly average, and if you want to see them get to the quarterback, you’ll need a player who can rush the passer at the next level.

The good news is that the team has a couple of guys who can make an impact on the outside of the linebacker group.

The best of those is probably left tackle Lane Johnson.

Johnson, who had a great season last year, has had a terrible year as well.

He has allowed 4.5 quarterback pressures per game, and he’s allowed 8.5 pressures per contest, the third-most among all NFL tackles.

Johnson is also allowing the second most sacks in the league, which is something the team needs if it wants to improve its pass rush and stop the run.

The same goes for outside linebacker Jordan Hicks.

The Cowboys’ right tackle has a career total of 15.5 QB pressures, and his total of 13.5 overall pressures is the second highest on the team.

Johnson has been the biggest contributor to the team in pass rush, and Hicks is another one who could be an effective contributor in the run game.

Both players will be competing for playing time in the Eagles defense this year, and both will need a little help on that end of the line if they want to make a contribution in 2017 as well if they hope to improve.

While the Eagles could definitely use some help at the defensive end position, they will also need help at both inside linebacker and outside linebacker.

The defense will likely need help with both positions, and although Hicks could be the one who’s most likely to be used in that role, Johnson is another guy who could see the most play in the secondary this season if he stays healthy.

The outside linebackers will probably have the most difficulty getting to the quarterbacks, because they have the second fewest sacks in this year’s league, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of producing on the perimeter.

The Giants’ Josh Norman has been a solid pass rusher for the team this year and is still a big contributor in coverage, but he’s also one of the team\’s best coverage linebackers.

That gives the Eagles a bit more flexibility on the inside, and their pass rush will likely come from players like Josh Jones, who has been good for the Eagles in coverage this year.

Jones has the ability, and perhaps the talent, to be a shutdown outside linebacker, but as a safety, the only thing he can really excel at is covering tight ends.

With the team relying heavily on the running game and the pass rush this season and trying to find a way for them to get to an even higher level, it will be important for the linebackers to continue to improve and become a dominant unit for the entire team.

That includes upgrading their offensive linemen.

The offensive line is the unit that really needs to be fixed if they’re going to be successful in 2017, and that starts with the right moves.

The offense has had some good stretches over the last two seasons, but if the Eagles don’t find ways to be more consistent, they may find themselves playing on a short leash in the final three games