The world is ‘sitting on a ticking bomb’ as ISIS kills hundreds of civilians in Syria

In the heart of Syria’s largest city, as the country’s civil war grinds on, civilians are being targeted by ISIS.

At least 1,500 civilians have been killed in Syria in the past six weeks, including a string of attacks on civilians by ISIS in the countrys second-largest city, according to a monitoring group.

ISIS is also reported to be targeting civilians in the city of Aleppo, where the U.N. says more than 250 people have been targeted in the first six weeks of the conflict.

ISIS has also targeted civilians in areas under its control in Iraq, with reports of at least 150 civilian deaths in the last month alone, the Observatory said.

The U.S. has repeatedly accused Syria of carrying out the most serious attacks against civilians since the U., a key ally, began bombing ISIS in 2015.

U.S.-led airstrikes have killed hundreds of fighters and civilians, and targeted dozens of military installations in Syria.

The conflict has killed more than 470,000 people, according a UNICEF report released last month, including more than 170,000 civilians.