When the Gas Works Park’s Gas Medicine is Yours

Gas Medicine has opened its doors for the first time since it was closed in 2015.

The gas company said it will open a new clinic at the gas works.

The facility was formerly the Columbia Gas Works in Columbia, which is about 10 miles from the gasworks.

Gas Medicine will be able to help patients who are suffering from severe asthma, COPD, COVID-19, COV-19 and other respiratory conditions.

The clinic will have access to a full suite of air conditioners and air-conditioning units, along with equipment to help treat severe asthma and COPD.

Gas medicine is a full-service asthma and COVID prevention and treatment clinic that provides air conditioning, air conditioning equipment, and respiratory care services.

Gas Medicine said its air conditioner service is offered through the Columbias Gas Works’ air conditioning and heating services.

The clinic will also offer services to those who need to breathe and breathe properly.

Gas medicine said it’s not sure when its first clinic will open.