‘No ‘No’ to Natural Gas’ at Your Local Gas Station

A new survey finds that more than half of the U.S. population is either actively or passively supporting the development of natural gas as a fuel source.

The poll, conducted by Natural Gas Marketers Association (NGMA), also finds that most Americans have no interest in the prospect of seeing natural gas become more expensive, especially since the U,S.

imports nearly a third of the world’s natural gas.

“I think most people don’t have a strong emotional attachment to the notion of ‘natural gas,'” said NRSC vice president Brian Walsh.

“Most of them are just not interested in paying for natural gas.”

NRSC has been urging Americans to embrace the concept of naturalgas for more than a decade, and the new survey is part of that effort.

NRSC, along with the Natural Gas Association of America (NGA), released a joint press release last week that calls for the United States to abandon the Keystone XL Pipeline and instead invest in a wide array of renewable and alternative energy sources to fuel our growing energy needs.

“This survey is the next step in NRSC’s effort to engage Americans on the benefits and costs of natural-gas generation, with a focus on the need for Americans to invest in renewable and non-carbon fuels,” Walsh said.

The survey of 1,005 U.T. participants found that 56 percent of Americans have either actively supported the development or are actively considering the development, with 29 percent saying they would be more likely to do so if natural gas were more affordable.

Nineteen percent of respondents were neutral toward natural gas and said they would not invest in natural gas in the near term.

The majority of respondents said natural gas should be subsidized by the federal government, but that they would have more confidence in the federal tax credit program if natural-gases prices increased.

NRSA also said that a majority of those surveyed support a carbon tax and would pay for the tax by cutting back on other fossil fuels, including coal and oil.

More than half, 51 percent, would like to see a carbon price on gasoline.

NRSMA’s survey is being released this week to coincide with the UTA Annual Meeting.

The NRSA and NRSC are also promoting the Keystone pipeline, which is currently under review by the Department of State for possible expansion.

The pipeline will eventually connect to existing natural gas pipelines that currently run from Texas to the Great Lakes.

Natural gas is also the largest single source of electricity in the United Kingdom.

“We are looking forward to engaging more U.K. and European customers on natural gas for the first time,” Walsh added.

“With this survey, NRSA is looking to reach a broad cross-section of the population.”