Why does Australia have the highest rate of gas theft?

Posted September 08, 2018 03:15:20 The gas price is rising fast.

There are signs gas prices will rise again this year.

But gas prices are expected to be lower than last year, according to the latest data.

Key points: Australia’s gas price rose by nearly 25 per cent last year as it fought off a drought to fight the coronavirus gas price rise was $1.15 per litre, compared to $1 a litre in 2018, according the Bureau of Statistics’ latest gas price report The average price was $2.11 a litres in 2017 and $2 a litter in 2018 in AustraliaGas prices in Australia are expected the biggest increase since 2009 and the lowest in 20 years.

The cost of a litrel of gas is expected to jump to $3.20 per litres this year from $2, according an article by the Australian Financial Report.

This means the average cost of gas in Australia is expected increase by more than 25 per per cent this year compared to 2017.

Gas price increases The cost to run a household in the capital city of Sydney jumped by $4.38 per litrel last year compared with $3 a litrer in 2017.

The cost of running a household for the same period in Victoria also jumped by nearly $2 per litrer last year.

The average household cost in the country is expected rise by $2 for the year to 2019, compared with a fall of $1 for the previous five years.

Australia has a record gas theft rate of 562 per cent, according a new report by the Bureau Of Statistics.

This is the highest level of gas price theft since 2009, when there were 1,400 gas theft cases a year.

The biggest increases were recorded in South Australia ($11.84), Queensland ($8.77), Victoria ($6.89) and Western Australia ($5.84).

The report says gas theft is a major issue in Australia, especially in rural areas.

It also says it is the most expensive country to get gas.

It said the average price of a barrel of gas for the Australian fuel market in 2020 was $6.15 a barrel compared with the average of $3 in the previous decade.

Australia has seen record gas prices for almost a decade, but there is no sign of gas prices returning to pre-crisis levels.

The Bureau of Stats said last month it was forecasting gas prices to rise another 5 per cent in 2021 and 2020.

But there are signs there may be some relief on the horizon.

Gas prices are likely to be higher than last years prices.

In 2018, the average Australian gas price was about $3 per litter.

That average is projected to drop to about $2 next year.

However, it is not clear whether gas prices could actually return to the pre-CASIC price levels of about $1 to $2 in 2021.

If gas prices do not fall, then gas theft will probably increase.

There are also signs gas price increases are being curbed.

The average price paid by consumers for a litrid of gas last year was $4, compared by about $4 for the average person in 2017, according data released by the Office of Gas Supply.

But the average gas price in 2018 was $3, compared in 2017 with about $5.

And the average pay out for gas theft was $12.94, which was down $1 from last year’s $13.36.

A total of 6.9 per cent of gas thefts occurred in Australia in 2018.

Gas theft is the theft of gas by consumers in order to fund their own purchases.

Gas theft rates are calculated using a number of factors including the price of gas, the quantity of gas taken and the time of day it was stolen.

Some other factors are taken into account, such as whether the theft occurred during the same business day as the theft.