New gas-fired power stations to be built on the border

RTE 1  “The government is in favour of building on the land, we are in favour,” Mr Markey said.

“There are two roads that we’re looking at, and we are looking at building on both.”

RTE 2  In response to questions about whether the Government was in favour, Mr Markeys spokesman said the Government had not yet finalised its plans.

RPE 1 The New South Wales Government has announced plans to build two new gas-burning power stations on the northern boundary of the state.

One will be at the border of South Australia, while the other will be in the State of Queensland.

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird says the Government has a plan to get gas power back on the New South Australia grid.

Mr Baird says he has also agreed to the purchase of two of the existing gas-fueled power stations in the region.

The new gas stations are expected to be operational in 2020 and 2021.

There are currently three existing gas power stations operating in New South and Queensland.

The Queensland Government has also confirmed it will buy four new gas power plants from Western Australian energy giant TransAlta.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she has also committed to buying two gas-powered power stations from the Queensland Government.

However, she says it will be a phased purchase, rather than a wholesale purchase.

She says her Government will consider a range of factors including whether the electricity produced will be distributed through the gas-power network, and whether there are appropriate safeguards in place to ensure that the power is not being used for private, political, or environmental purposes.

TransAlta has not responded to a request for comment.

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