Which is better for you? Gas powered scooters or gas powered scoots?

Gas powered, or gas-powered, scooters are more efficient and fuel-efficient than scooters that run on gas, according to a new study.

The study from researchers at the University of Illinois found that the gas- powered scoot would be 30 percent more efficient than a gas-driven scooter.

In comparison, a gas powered vehicle would be 27 percent more effective.

The researchers also found that gas- driven scooters could be used to get around congested cities.

The results of the study, titled Gas Powered Scoots and Gas Powered Cars, are published in the journal Transportation Research Part D. The research team used a gas engine to drive the scooter along an urban street.

They also measured the speed at which the scooters moved on a curve.

The scooter could not go faster than about 20 miles per hour in any direction.

Gas powered vehicles would have a higher maximum speed of about 50 miles per day, according the researchers.

Gas-powered scooters also require less maintenance than gas powered vehicles.

The fuel in a gas motor is more efficient when the engine is cold.

When the engine temperature is between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s very efficient at revving up the engine.

But when the temperature drops below 70 degrees, the fuel efficiency drops.

Gas vehicles can also be more fuel efficient when running on the electric grid, according a recent study published in Transportation Research.

The new study found that using a gas car would be 50 percent more energy efficient than using a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle.

And the researchers also discovered that using gas powered cars would be more environmentally friendly.

According to the study: The fuel-powered vehicles will also be less expensive than the gas powered ones because they require less fossil fuel and electricity to run.

This means that the fuel cost of the fuel- powered vehicles will be cheaper than that of gas powered.

The scientists believe that the use of gas-based vehicles will reduce energy use in the city, and that they will have a significant impact on the environment.