The truth about the gas works park gas plant

Posted September 14, 2018 12:14:38Gas Works Park, near the northern city of Barrie, Ont., was one of the largest in Canada.

The facility, which operated for about four decades before it shut down in 2009, produced up to 60 million litres of natural gas a day.

It was designed to generate about 25,000 megawatts of electricity per year, enough to power more than 200,000 homes.

But in 2014, the Ontario government shut down the plant and shuttered the gas production and production facilities at other gas plants across the province.

“The gas plant is closed,” Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said at the time.

“It’s been a tough time.”

A worker cleans up after a gas leak at the Gas Works Park gas plant in Barrie on September 14.

(Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)The shutdown of the gas plant led to an industry-wide shake-up.

At least 20 major gas plants in Ontario were closed, and many others have since reopened.

Gasworks Park was one such facility.

The gas facility was built to provide electricity to Ontario’s rural areas and was slated to produce more than 5.6 million megawatt hours of electricity by the end of the 2030s.

The province also closed several other plants that were slated to close over the next decade, including a plant that supplied power to the nearby city of Vaughan, as well as two others in southwestern Ontario.

As the gas facility shut down, there were fears that the gas could become unusable.

The Ontario government says the gas leak caused by the gasworks park gas leak is contained, and no new leaks have been detected since then.

(CBC News)When asked about the shutdown, the Gasworks park said it’s been “a challenging time for our employees and the community,” but noted the facility’s shutdown resulted in “a significant decrease in production.”

“The operation and maintenance of the GasWorks Park is being performed in a manner that will allow for the safe operation of the facility and its associated infrastructure,” the company said in a statement.

The company also said the plant’s shutdown will result in a reduction in the production and storage of natural gases by about 2.5 million megawatts, compared to previous years.

“We are very proud of our work at Gas Works and our commitment to provide energy for Ontario’s customers,” Gas Works CEO Bill Smith told CBC News.

“Our customers deserve better than we’ve seen, and the government is in the process of bringing us back online.”

Smith added that there’s no timeline for when Gas Works will be back online.

“All of our facilities are operating in the safest and most secure environment,” he said.

“This shutdown is a setback for all the gas workers who have been hard at work.”

The gas works plant was built by Hydro Quebec and the Ontario Municipal Board.

The plant operated from 1981 to 2000.

The provincial government closed the facility in 2014.

(Norman Smith/Canadian Gas Corporation)In 2015, the province said that the facility was a “significant factor” in the province’s energy mix.

But since then, the plant has experienced significant issues, including two spills, a leak in a pipe and a leak of methane gas from a cooling tower.

(Ontario Ministry of the Environment)”The Ontario government has identified two significant operational issues with the Gas works plant,” the ministry said in its statement to CBC News at the end.

“There have been two spills of methane, and there have been multiple leaks of methane from a thermal cooling tower.”

A methane leak in one of these leaks has resulted in an estimated $150,000 in fines for the province, the ministry added.

In February, Ontario Minister of the Economy Brad Duguid said the province would not reopen the gas work facility until it was “completely cleaned up.”

A year earlier, the provincial government had announced that it would not return gas works facilities to operations until the leaks had been addressed.

(National Energy Board)At a recent public meeting, Ontario MPP Peter Tabuns, who represents the area, called for the government to reopen the plant.

“I am calling on the Ontario Government to open the gas plants to a full and proper environmental assessment and to allow the gas company to resume operations,” Tabuns said.

He added that he had met with the province about the issue.

“They are trying to do everything they can to reopen and restart gas works,” Tabuts said.

Ontario Premier Jennifer Wynne says that the province has been “very clear that the Gas work plant needs to be fully cleaned up, and that the company will have to return to normal operations.”

(Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Forces via AP)”We’ve been very clear that we need to have a full environmental assessment before we reopen the facilities,” Wynne said.

At the time, she also called on the government “to have a fully operational gas works facility in Ontario.”

Wynne said the government would not “open the Gas Work facility until all of the environmental