How the NSW gas boom is driving a boom in the Nepean gas industry

Gas prices have risen, yet a new gas generation capacity in the Hunter region is growing rapidly.

Key points:The gas boom has seen more gas production than any other region in the state, with more than 40GW of gas generation from new gas infrastructure in the Northern Territory, Queensland, the Northern Rivers, the Kimberley and South AustraliaThe Nepeans have had the largest gas generation growth of any of the states with more electricity generation than any of its neighbouring statesGas supply has also increased significantly across the state with gas supplies increasing by around 20 per cent to around 28GW over the last two yearsThe number of gas turbines in the area has increased by more than 30 per cent over the past two years, with new installations expected to increase further, with many of them being constructed in the next three years.

As gas prices have soared to more than $US20 per million British thermal units (btu) and as gas is being used to heat homes and businesses across the State, there is a demand for more power generation and gas generation in the region.

As the Northern Powerhouse continues to grow, the number of coal fired power stations in the Territory has also been increasing.

This is a region that has seen significant population growth in the last few decades and in the current gas boom, a significant proportion of the coal used in electricity generation is imported from overseas.

This imports, particularly the gas used to generate electricity, has created a situation where the electricity generated in the NT is more expensive than electricity generated elsewhere.

In recent months, NT Energy has been working on a strategy to increase its domestic gas generation.

NT Energy and other energy companies have been using more gas to generate power than they have electricity generating capacity.

As a result, NT has had to increase gas generation at some of its gas generating stations to ensure that electricity prices were met.

The NT Energy Minister has said the strategy will be rolled out over the next two years and that the new capacity will be more than double the current capacity.

The Minister said the gas generation has also created a problem in the South Australian region.

“In the past year, the gas boom in our regional energy sector has created significant new capacity and we are looking to grow this capacity even further in the coming months and years,” NT Energy said in a statement.NT Energy said it would be using its existing capacity to supply gas to the Hunter in 2017 and would be seeking further gas generation to meet demand.

The Government said it had “no choice” but to increase electricity generation and the NT Energy statement said this would be “in line with our overall goal of increasing electricity generation”.

However, there has been no official announcement from the Government about the strategy.

It is believed NT Energy will seek to increase the gas capacity to meet the electricity demand as well as gas generation and export to Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

“The new gas is required to meet a range of energy needs, from to provide more than 80 per cent of the energy needs of the Northern Territories in the foreseeable future, to supply electricity in the future and to meet electricity demand in the North-West,” NT said in its statement.

“As we continue to grow the gas production in the State to meet our energy needs and our energy efficiency goals, we will continue to consider opportunities to increase this gas generation.”

NT Energy’s statement said the new gas would be used for a variety of different applications, including to meet energy demand in remote areas.NT Power’s spokesperson, John Williams, said the NT Government was looking to increase capacity in a variety and growing range of areas.

“We are actively working with industry to ensure we meet the energy requirements of the future,” Mr Williams said.

“While gas generation is increasing at NT Power’s regional sites, we are also working with other NT Government departments to support the energy efficiency of NT and to ensure the future of NT electricity generation.”

The NT Government said NT Energy would have to invest in new gas generators to meet its current gas production and import requirements.NT said it was seeking more than 3,000 gas turbines to meet domestic and export needs.